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Explanation of Terms - Field of Composite Materials

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HP-RTM: High pressure resin transfer molding; HP-RTM process technology is a new type of RTM process technology introduced in recent years, which is suitable for mass production of high-performance thermosetting composite components. It adopts pre formed parts, steel molds, vacuum assisted exhaust, high-pressure injection, and resin impregnation and solidification process under high pressure, achieving low-cost, short cycle (mass production), and high-quality production.

Gap Injection: Gap Injection

SMC: Sheet molding; SMC is the abbreviation for Sheet molding compound, which is sheet molded plastic. The main raw materials consist of SMC specialized yarn, unsaturated resin, low shrinkage additives, fillers, and various additives.

CFRP: Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer/Plastic; CFRP is divided into two categories: PAN based CFRP and asphalt based CFRP. The CFR currently used in engineering is obtained by extruding and drawing multiple strands of continuous fibers bonded with resin.

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