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Basic characteristics and matters needing attention of plastic sheet and plate equipment

文章出处:张家港帝达机械有限公司 发布时间:2018-09-19

   The four basic characteristics of plastic sheet metal equipment and four basic considerations. The  plastic sheet metal machinery and equipment produced by our company has  been continuously researched and developed to improve and combine the  special plastic sheet machinery produced by users. The plastic sheet  materials produced are widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy,  electric power and medicine. Biochemistry, electroplating, environmental protection and other industries.

The four basic characteristics of plastic sheet metal equipment:

1.  The sheet and plastic sheet produced by plastic sheet machinery have  excellent anti-aging properties, high temperature and low temperature.  It will not be deformed or used in the range of -35 ° C ~ 260 ° C, and  it is produced with the plastic products produced by conventional  fillers. Than, extending the life of more than 10 times.

2,  corrosion-resistant plastic plate, coupled with good acid and alkali  resistance, can also be used for marine equipment and various equipment  and equipment required for marine terminals.

3, the impact of plastic sheet, not only high strength, good performance, easy to break.

4,  the plastic sheet material has good flame retardant properties, it is  extinguished from the fire, and the heat preservation performance is  good.

Four basic considerations for plastic sheet equipment:

1. The plastic sheet machine runs forward to avoid twisting.

2, the device should not be "fasted" operation, must heat the engine's feed action, thus avoiding the sticking phenomenon.

3.  The entrance of the device, the impermissible iron and other impurities  enter the venting hole to avoid accidents and affect normal production.

4. In the operation of the equipment, the air inlet and the spout. Rotating parts such as belts and gears are prohibited from touching, in order to avoid personal injury.

The above is an introduction to the four basic characteristics of plastic sheet machinery and four basic considerations. For more information about plastic sheet machinery and equipment, you can call us.

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