Wood plastic thick plate machinery

product manual:

Equipment advantages:

• High quality: reasonably designed, well-made, well-selected and durable;

• Reasonable process: plastic and wood powder (after treatment) are fed separately, feeding accurately, avoiding the phenomenon of delamination of wood powder and plastic specific gravity, resulting in product quality defects.

• High efficiency: good mixing and plasticization, good fluidity, fast extrusion speed and high efficiency;

• High filling capacity: good mixing and plasticization, good dispersion, high addition amount (70-80% of plant fiber filling), low production cost.

• Low energy consumption: no drying granulation, significant energy saving (40% energy saving compared to other equipment);

• Long service life: the barrel and threaded components are made of special materials and specially treated for long service life (15,000 hours).

• Wide range of applications: It can be used to produce PP, PE, PVC, ABS, PS and various plant fibers. In order to improve the strength of the product, you can add glass fiber.

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