PVC wood plastic sheet extrusion line

The screw adopts special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity design, which makes the plastic melt, the color is uniform, and the extrusion amount is increased. The hanger-type die adopts a special double-throttle design to make the thickness adjustment of the plate more precise.

Temperature control ± 1 ° C, can accurately control the plasticization process and sheet thickness, flatness. The three-roll calender is horizontal, vertical or 45° inclined. It can be freely lifted to provide more selectivity during the operation of the thick plate and improve the quality of the plate.

The thickness control of the plate adopts screw adjustment and two-way adjustment of the hydraulic pressure roller, which can precisely control the thickness of the plate. The independently controlled roller temperature control system can precisely control the temperature of the roller and make the thickness of the plate uniform. Slicer, plate length and quantity are accurate. The winding table device adopts an advanced torque motor, which can adjust the speed and the winding tension at will to achieve the purpose of thinning and

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