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Introduction to plastic honeycomb panel equipment

文章出处:张家港帝达机械有限公司 发布时间:2018-09-19

 With the rapid development of the machinery industry, all walks of life have their own progress. In many industries, the use of plastic honeycomb panels should be very broad. In  fact, although many people have used plastic honeycomb panels, but they  do not know much about its knowledge, the following small series will  lead the fight to understand the knowledge of plastic honeycomb panels.

The  plastic honeycomb panel is a honeycomb honeycomb panel which is made of  PC, PET, PP and other plastic sheets, and has the characteristics of  light quality and strength. At  present, the shape of honeycomb hole: hexagonal round hole  semi-circular groove type, Qingdao Shiqiang honeycomb plate main  products: honeycomb board, PP honeycomb board, PC honeycomb board,  plastic honeycomb board () honeycomb board can be divided into: paper  honeycomb according to different sheets Plate, aluminum honeycomb panel, plastic honeycomb panel. The  plastic honeycomb panel is easy to solve the wet paper honeycomb panel,  and the problem of easy banknotes simultaneously solves the problem of  high-priced aluminum honeycomb panels, poor sound insulation and poor  corrosion resistance.

Applications:  Air curtain cabinet / display cabinet with flow network air filter  honeycomb composite panel sound-absorbing sound insulation barrier  U-shaped glass curtain wall core and other plastic honeycomb composite  panels: plastic honeycomb panels are made up of two panels and filled to  ensure two The block sheet is composed of a honeycomb intermediate layer that works together to work together. Different  materials can be used for the watch plate: when the two plates are  aluminum or steel, the so-called aluminum honeycomb plate or steel  honeycomb plate. When  one of the dashboard stones, titanium alloy plates, enamel plates,  wood, glass, steel, plastic, is called stone honeycomb panels, titanium  honeycomb panels, enamel honeycomb panels, moving wood panels, FRP  honeycomb panels, plastic honeycomb panels. The  middle layer is made of honeycomb aluminum foil, paper and plastic film  called aluminum honeycomb panel, paper honeycomb panel, and plastic  honeycomb panel. The  design idea of the honeycomb panel structure is derived from the  I-beam structure: the panel is equivalent to the wing of the I-beam,  which is mainly subjected to normal stress; the intermediate honeycomb  layer is equivalent to the web of the I-beam, and is mainly subjected to  shear stress. Two tables with large structural strength, a large moment of inertia, and therefore stiffness and bending strength.

Plastic  honeycomb panel equipment has been used in many ways. In reading the  above instructions, everyone should be more understanding of it. I hope  these introductions will help you.


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