PVC wood plastic foam board production line

PVC wide super-thick plastic wood composite foam board production line is mainly used for the production of building panels, wide door panels, cabinet panels, indoor and outdoor decorative materials.

The production line can select different specifications of conical (parallel) twin-screw extruder according to different plate sections, and can be equipped with corresponding vacuum setting table, traction machine, horizontal sawing machine, turning platform and other auxiliary equipment.

The amount of extruder extrusion can be between 250 kg and 800 kg per hour. The tractor adopts our unique lifting technology, which has stable work, good reliability and large traction. The vacuum setting adopts a special enlarged eddy current cooling system, which is convenient for cooling and setting to meet the production characteristics of various types of plates. The horizontal sawing device is absolutely synchronized with the traction speed of the plate. All the actions are controlled by the PLC computer. The design is reasonable, the operation is stable, and the automatic cutting can be done with a dust recovery device.

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