PC, PMMA, GPPS plastic sheet production line

PC in-mold co-extruded luggage board production line

Professionally manufacture PC high-grade hard suitcase board technology to reach domestic leading level

The co-extrusion line uses the latest multi-channel co-extrusion molds, which is far superior to the traditional process of single-channel mold plus distributor. It can save expensive surface materials and shorten the investment recovery period due to accurate flow channel design. The sheets produced by this complete set of equipment are bright and beautiful, the structure is solid, and the production cost is greatly reduced. It is especially suitable for the production of medium and high-grade hard-shell suitcases. We are dedicated to providing quality after-sales service to our customers!

This complete set of equipment is the world's most popular high-quality hard suitcase board special equipment. Adopting the technology of in-mold co-extrusion, the PC material is introduced to replace the traditional ABS material. Through three-machine co-extrusion, in-mold compound extrusion, a new type of product is produced.

The suitcase board produced by our company's technology is bright in color, solid in structure, moderate in cost and high in quality. This technology currently has a lot of room for development in this field and will be the new market leader in the future.

Co-extruded composite film in PC film, the thickness of the product can reach: 0.17mm, 0.175mm, 0.18mm

Co-extruded composite sheet in PC film, the thickness of the product can reach: 0.175mm~1.5mm

Co-extruded composite sheet in PC film, the thickness of the product can reach: 1.0mm~10mm

PC endurance board

Scope of application:

Garden and amusement venues, singular decorations and lounges for rest places; interior and exterior decorations for commercial buildings, curtain walls for modern urban buildings; aviation transparent containers, motorcycle front windshields, airplanes, trains, ships, cars, steamboats, submarines and glass military police Shields; telephone booths, advertising signs, light box advertising display exhibition layout; highway and urban elevated road noise barriers.

PC film: 0.175mm thickness

PMMA sheet (acrylic sheet / GPPS sheet)

Product Categories:

Ordinary PMMA sheets are mainly used for advertising, decoration, decoration, craft products, specimen signs, etc.; electroplated plates are used for vacuum plating of plastic lenses; lighting type light guide plates are used for advertising decoration of ultra-thin refrigerators, LED flat panel display lights and poster frames; The liquid crystal light guide plate is used for liquid crystal display components such as computers and televisions. Our sheet extrusion line can be used to process PMMA or PC diffusers.

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